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Increase your customer base and expand your market

Mozaex products are exclusively sold via our dealer channel. By offering a 30 day full refund policy on a demo system you have no risk and everything to gain!

Mozaex increases your business while offering your customers the features that they want at a price that they will not believe!

Now you can expand into the fastest growing 'mid-priced' market sector while saving customers tens of thousands of dollars and maintaining higher profit margins!

  1. Easy - To Register you must agree to the Terms & Conditions and complete the dealer registration form.
  2. Fast - The registration form is processed and typically within 2 business days you will receive a password via email to gain access to the Mozaex dealer port where you can download price schedules, product specifications and training guides.
  3. No Risk - You can opt to order a 30-day, no-risk showroom demo system
  4. Free Class - Train your staff on Mozaex™ - in minutes. Mozaex offers at no-charge an online webinar training class.
  5. Free Service - Mozaex offers anywhere, anytime service with its unique SurePlay online remote system login service.
  6. Profitable - Expand your market by choosing Mozaex™ for all your A/V and home theater projects!


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Why Mozaex™?

Your clients deserve the best without the hassle and unreliability of plastic disc changers. Only Mozaex offers High Definition 1080p Blu-ray movies AND Blu-ray 3D movies without the need for cumbersome, fragile disc changers. Your clients don’t want to be sold a Blu-ray 2D product that will be outdated a month or two later by a Blu-ray 3D product. Only Mozaex™ offers Blu-ray 3D and much, much more.

One Mozaex™ is the only all-in-one multi-room home multimedia entertainment system that offers:

  • Blu-ray movies without cumbersome, expensive and unreliable disc changers.
  • Blu-ray 3D plays the new 3D movies in your home even after they have left the cinema theater!
  • Unique iBlu feature provides iTunes Online Store downloading and playback of Movies and Music.
  • Photo slide shows and over 200 online media channels including NetFlix, VUDU and Pandora
  • Selectable Movie Cover Art from the world’s largest domestic/international databases
  • Virtually unlimited RAID 6 protected media storage capacity that offers TWICE the protection than other RAID K or 4 servers.
  • Streams up to 25 simultaneous movies or twice that of other servers!
  • Integrates with Crestron, AMX, Elan, Control4, Savant and many other control systems
  • Does not require expensive technical training to install or support
  • SurePlay full remote online system access and EasyUp software updating utility.
  • The broadest selection of models from $2,995 Chroma systems to 264TB RAID Enterprise Servers!

Here are six more reasons to Sell Mozaex™!

Value ~ Mozaex™ saves your clients tens of thousands of dollars and increases your market! Mozaex™ systems are priced at 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of other Media Servers. Capture business that was lost because your customer objected to an alternate over-priced $30,000 plus media server.

Reliable ~ Mozaex has 30 Years of award-winning media networking expertise. We pioneered many technologies used for media sharing today! Designed for rugged operation even in the harshest environments including ship-board.

Unique ~ Mozaex™ is unique, there is no other product available that compares in features, value or reliability.

Expandable ~ Mozaex™ is an open architecture that allows for add-on sales and future upgrades. Your clients are not locked into a proprietary architecture making the Mozaex™ "future-proof" and much easier to support. Unlike other Media Servers Mozaex™ is upgradeable with either modular software or hardware thus saving your client from having to purchase a whole new system to support the latest technology.

Compatible ~ Mozaex™ works with virtually every leading control system including Crestron, AMX, Control4, XanTech, HomeLogic, Elan and many more. You name the system we don't already support and we will make an Interface for it!

No-Risk ~ The base 1 room Mozaex™ system is available to US and Canadian customers* on a 30-day No-Risk policy!  Refer to the Terms and Conditions when entering the Dealer Pricing page or contact your Mozaex Project Manager for more details on the terms of this offer. *This 30 day No Risk offer may be available to International customers by contacting your Project Manager.

Want more info? Click Here for Competitive Feature Comparison And you'll see there is no comparison to the Mozaex Mozaex™ !

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