Top 5 Reasons Why Mozaex is the Best
Blu-ray Entertainment Server in the World

1. Mozaex Plays BOTH DVDs & Blu-rays & Does NOT Require Disc Changers

Unlike a competitive server whose DVD server will be banned on Nov. 30th 2014, Mozaex continues to be 100% legal to play both DVDs & Blu-rays.

Mozaex does not require a disc changer and is 100% legal since it does not include any unlicensed decrypting tools.

Legal experts agree that it is 100% legal to sell a media server without unlicensed decryption software and that it is 100% legal to buy and use decryption software for legal purposes including backing up media you own for your own private use.

2. Mozaex plays iTunes® Movies and Music.

The World’s Largest & Highest Quality Online Store

ONLY with Mozaex can you play iTunes movies and music!

Mozaex auto imports your iTunes so you can INSTANTLY stream from iCloud or iTunes movies and music.

Browse and play your iTunes, Blu-ray, DVD movies and music all from one HD Cover Art library.

iTunes offers over 250,000 STREAMING movies and TV episodes in 147 Countries!

Competitive Media Servers are limited to 6,000 download-only online movies/TV shows in only 3 Countries (USA, Canada & UK) .

Plus iTunes offers the world’s largest, highest quality online music store with over 50 million songs!

Mozaex allows you to browse and play your iTunes movie and music library using your home control system including Crestron®, AMX®, RTI® & others.

3. Mozaex Plays the Highest Quality Blu-ray 3D movies, Netflix® & Photo Shows

We invented the first Blu-ray server in 2007 and have sold more disc-changer-free Blu-ray servers than any other company. Our world class clients include IMAX® and the US Dept. Of Justice. Mozaex offers the highest quality 3D Ready Server so your client’s 3D theater investment will be future safe. Mozaex also plays photo slide shows plus NetFlix®®, Ultraviolet®, VUDU®, HULU®, Pandora® and over 200 other online channels.

4. Mozaex Offers More Affordable and Profitable Systems

No one offers the wide variety of affordable models that we offer including our award winning all-in-one Solo. Only the Solo 2 3D supports Blu-ray 3D and is expandable up to 16TBs with optional RAID hard drive protection! Expand multi-room playback with additional Players.

  • Solo 1 – An affordable $3,995 all-in-one Blu-ray 3TB Server and Player that everyone can enjoy!
  • Solo 2 3D - offers the following advantages compared to competitive Blu-ray 2D-only disc-changer systems:
  • HIGHER PROFITS AND SAVINGS OF OVER $20K. Close more deals with lower retail prices and improve your bottom line with greater profits.
  • GREATER RELIABILITY AND CONVENIENCE. Mozaex does not require plastic, unreliable, slow, complicated and cumbersome disc-changers.
  • TAKES LESS SPACE, ENERGY AND HEAT. Mozaex’s Solo 2 3D 16TB all-in-one design requires less than HALF the Rack space, heat and energy.

5. Mozaex is More Reliable and Maintainable.

We require less failure prone components including mechanical disc-changers. Our RAID 6 offers twice the protection of other RAIDs. Finally, ONLY Mozaex offers a FULL SYSTEM online remote access utility called SurePlay™ that reduces or eliminates failures and repeat on-site maintenance.

Notices: Pricing shown is MSRP USD for USA/Canada only. International pricing may vary. All specifications and pricing cited are subject to change including competitive specifications. While Mozaex is shipped with licensed decryption software that is used to play back optical DVD and Blu-ray discs, it may not be able to load or play some or all DVD and Blu-ray movies. Mozaex is a general purpose media server and the company does not ship, offer, require or induce the use of any unlicensed decrypting software on Mozaex products. Some or all online media services may not be available in your area and may have applicable subscriptions fees. Trademarks are the property of the respective holders. Date: 9-2-14. © Mozaex 2014 All rights reserved.

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