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Live Telephone Technical Support

Mozaex exclusively sells services and products through a network of trained Authorized Mozaex Dealers.

Please first contact your Mozaex Dealer for immediate technical assistance.

If you are unable to locate your Mozaex Dealer then please contact your Mozaex Project Manager for assistance by clicking here.

If you need immediate support and you are unable to contact your Dealer then please directly contact Mozaex.

Mozaex offers in most cases no-charge 24 hour technical support via either email, telephone or fax on all warranted Mozaex products.

Phone: (01) 801-685-9000 Option 2
Toll free phone (USA): 800.866.9797 Option 2
or you may send a message.

Please provide all technical information before contacting Mozaex. Please be sure to include with your request the MediaMax's serial number and model number which may be found on the MediaMax's serial number tag typically located on the product's rear panel.

Thank you for choosing Mozaex. We look forward to serving you!

The Mozaex Support Team

Documentation Downloads

With the exception of the ShowStar, Mozaex software and documentation is only available to Authorized Mozaex Dealers.

ShowStar User Guide

ShowStar User Guide Aug. 16th, 2011

All Other Mozaex Admin and User Guides

Please contact Mozaex to obtain other documentation by clicking here

Please contact Mozaex by clicking here if you need to locate an Mozaex Dealer or require direct Mozaex technical support.

Dealers: To download the following product administration and user guides it is necessary to first obtain a dealer password.

Mozaex Product Admin and User Documentation

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