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Below are just a couple examples of Mozaex systems* installed by Authorized Mozaex Dealers all around the world in Homes, Yachts, Hotels and Businesses.

Mozaex is privileged to partner with these Custom Home Integrators who possess extraordinary technical and design skills that are necessary to ensure that every single customer is fully satisfied with their Mozaex. Our Dealers are as friendly as they are proficient. Be sure to take advantage of their valuable advice and services by contacting them to discuss your own Mozaex project!

The Mozaex systems shown may have been originally installed as a Mozaex but have since been upgraded to a Mozaex system.

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Showcase #1

Installation of the Year Award - Best Innovation Installation

Cineramax of Miami, Florida. Mozaex based Blu-ray Entertainment Server.

Installation of the Year Award - Best Innovation Installation

Cineramax of Miami, Fla.

Project Description and Testimony

A Mozaex Player 2 and 13TB Server RAID perfectly complements this award winning installation in Miami Florida whose prerequisites included no compromise Blu-ray movie playback of hundreds of Blu-ray movies with 8 channels of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio with an uncompressed LPCM format.

Excerpts from article Reinventing the Wheel – Home Entertainment Magazine © November 5, 2009 By Dennis Burger

Commercial cinema and home theater come together like never before in this amazing private screening room.

This magazine has featured many dual-purpose home theaters through the years—rooms that are capable of screening first-run Hollywood films, as well as the latest high-definition home video formats.

In that respect this home theater, which is owned by a Miami-based Hollywood financier, and bears the audacious nickname “Prometheus,” does not appear to break new ground.

However, most of the so-called “Bel Air Circuit” theaters we’ve seen are comprised of two disparate A/V systems—usually one 35mm film-based and the other video based, with as many as three different sound processors—all crammed into one room, and tied together tenuously with extremely complicated control systems.

This amazing and innovative private home cinema, designed by custom installer Peter Montoulieu of Cineramax, does it all with one integrated digital system. Montoulieu basically re-created the wheel by combining two incredibly complex systems into one. And he did so masterfully.

“To be affecting positive change in the way Hollywood screens its product feels great. I’m humbled and honored.”—Peter Montoulieu, custom installer

ARCHITECT: Michele Bonan Architecture & Interior Design of Florence, Italy (

CUSTOM INSTALLER: Cineramax of Miami, Fla. (305.206.6073,

Showcase #2

Mozaex Powered Outdoor Theater

Automated Life, Boca Raton , Florida

Outdoor Theater

Mozaex Powered Outdoor Theater

underground Speakers

Underground Motorized Speakers

Project Description Mozaex Player 2 and 13TB RAID Server

Cool Homes – Electronic House Magazine
Underground Theater

120-inch screen and a 7.2 sound system rise up from the depths of the Earth.

January 25, 2011 | by Lisa Montgomery

"From the touchpanel the owners can choose to play a Blu-ray disc, pay-per-view movie on satellite or a flick that’s been stored on their Mozaex media server."

When the temperature rarely dips below 65 degrees, why not put a home theater outside? The owners of this Florida home did just that, but not in the way you might think. Everything is hidden—underground. Absolutely nothing was left out in the open—not the 120-inch motorized screen or the video projector, nor the seven James Loudspeaker speakers and two subwoofers.

Installing sensitive electronic gear 3 feet under is not for the faint of heart. The custom electronics (CE) pros at Automated Life, Boca Raton , Fla., dug a subterranean cavity for each piece of the audio/video setup. For each resting place concrete was poured, power and control cabling trenched, drainage piped and a hydraulic system installed. In the down position, a marble plate covers the cutaways of the speakers and subs; the screen stays inside custom designed, weather-hardy fiberglass cabinet.

Everything slowly ascends into the movie time position when the owners touch a button on a portable Savant touchpanel. At the same time, the projector revs up and the Meridian audio/video processors activate. From the touchpanel the owners can choose to play a Blu-ray disc, pay-per-view movie on satellite or a flick that’s been stored on their Mozaex media server. And if it’s too hot outside, fans which were installed in the same cavities with the rear speakers, blow cool air into the seating area.

Read Electronic House Project Review Article

Showcase #3

Castle Ashby - Northhampton UK

Project Description and Testimony

After an extensive search for a world class 26 room Hotel Entertainment On-Demand system the Castle Ashby of Northhampton UK chose the Mozaex for it's unparalleled quality, ease of use and integration. Castle Ashby stands regally at the heart of a 10,000 acre working estate and offers 26 exquisite en suite bedrooms. Steeped in history, the lands at Castle Ashby were given to the Compton family in 1512 by Henry VIII. Despite its seclusion and tranquility, Castle Ashby is capable of hosting the most prestigious conference or sophisticated event.

With a Mozaex Entertainment Player dedicated to each of the 26 rooms any Guest has instant access to any movie, music or photo gallery that is centrally stored on a 2 TB Server. Nowhere else in the world does grand 16th century Elizabethan architecture combine as elegantly with 21 century technology to deliver truly feature rich On-Demand Entertainment!

Click here to learn more about Castle Ashby

Showcase #4

Sea to Sky Helisports and Megayacht Adventures

British Columbia Canada

Pictures of Mozaex based Lounge, Theatre, and Bedroom on the Absinthe

Project Description and Testimony

""Breathtaking!" In one word Captain Roy sums up the incomparable sensation experienced on the luxury MegaYacht Absinthe where 12 very fortunate guests enjoy Mozaex delivered entertainment after a day of Helisport skiing in the Alaskan and Canadian mountains. The Yachts' owner Sea to Sky Helisports and Megayacht Adventures selected the Mozaex for its unique ability to combine movie, music, photo and internet media on demand entertainment into a single compact and rugged, low power dissipating package. "Mozaex is the only choice for meeting and exceeding the discriminating needs of our clientele while providing 24/7 reliable operation under extreme shipboard conditions." "The combined team of AVAD (an Mozaex Integration Partner) and Mozaex met our expedited schedule to integrate the system with a custom remote control system .. making the maiden Mozaex voyage a brilliant success!"

"We are proud to offer the supreme heliskiing experience thanks to our unique Double Mobility Concept: with her giant helipad and fully-equipped helicopter facilities, the luxurious exploration megayacht Absinthe is the ultimate platform for a memorable escape on the magnificent Canadian West Coast Mountain Range of British Columbia. Our all-inclusive packages include heliskiing and dozens of other outdoor activities accessible with or without our helicopter, plus many activities and amenities on board including a professional massage service, five-star gourmet cuisine and, for those who wish, an outstanding wine and spirits list. The ambience is casual and the service, superb and personal, is done by up to 20 enthusiastic crew members for a maximum of only 12 guests, so there is always a ratio of no fewer than three crew members per two guests!" "Only Mozaex could accentuate the ultimate experience that we offer,".

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