Product Registration

Register Your Product - To Get Full Warranty Coverage

To receive full Mozaex product warranty and free lifetime telephone service it is necessary that you complete this Product Registration. You don’t need to fill this form out if you already filled out and sent the form that was shipped with the Mozaex system.

The Mozaex Commitment to World-class Service


In exchange for filling out the Product Registration below Mozaex offers the following:

  1. 2 Years of limited warranty (or less on Chroma) as described as described in the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Free lifetime product telephone support.
  3. Free Advance Replacement units mutually deemed to be received Dead On Arrival (DOA) within the first 30 days of shipment.
  4. Free warranty repair of products covered under warranty as described and limited in the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Free return ground shipping of most* Repaired Product that is covered under warranty. *Some shipping fees may be applicable.
  6. Free webinar technical training.

Dealer Requirements To Receive Full Product Warranty Service

TO RECEIVE Full Product Warranty Service plus Free Lifetime Telephone Support, Mozaex REQUIRES its Dealers to:

  1. Fill out the Product Registration Form shipped with product or the form below.
  3. Read and agree to the Warranty and Service Policies.

Click here to read the Mozaex Summary of Service and Warranty Terms and Conditions.

Dealers - Follow These Steps To Ensure The Highest Reliability and Service

To ensure seamless installation, minimal or no follow-on on-site service Dealers should follow these steps:

  1. READ THE ADMIN GUIDE, this document and the enclosed README FIRST Quick Setup.
    All non-defective products should operate properly if you follow the steps in the ADMIN GUIDE.
  2. LOGIN TO YOUR MOZAEX DEALER ACCOUNT - at for any technical updates.
  3. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT – Mail in the Registration Form or online as described above.
  4. FULLY TRAIN YOUR CLIENT - on the system before leaving the site.
  5. SETUP A FREE “SurePlay” REMOTE ONLINE ACCESS - LogMeIn account while on-site.
  6. SETUP ANY RAID – If you have RAID confirm settings and your email alert address.
  7. RECORD ALL SYSTEM IDs - names, keys, COAs, passwords etc. while on-site.

This is especially important for any future remote or on-site maintenance. IE: What and where are the Players (names and if static IP - what are the IP addresses) located in the home?

Are the OS’s COAs (Certificate of Authenticity) available on the front lid of the Players/Servers? If not write them down from the rear panel.


Purpose – Increase Reliable Operation and Prevent Follow-On Onsite Service

The information gathered for this Registration Form will assist both you and Mozaex to ensure that:

  1. The new Mozaex system undergoes the necessary on-site installation testing for “Set and Forget” reliability.
  2. You and Mozaex have the information needed to minimize the need for follow-on, on-site servicing.

Please fill out the following form so that we can to assist you in the event your system requires servicing:

Date form was completed : MM/DD/YYYY
Date product install was completed : MM/DD/YYYY
Name :
Company Name :
Company Email :
Phone Number :
Product Model: Player(s)
Product Model: Server:
Product Model: Solo:
Continued System Description :
Control System Name:
None (IR Remote Only):
Loaded/Played Movies:
Loaded/Played Music:
Loaded/Played Photos:
Played NetPlay:
Did the setup and integration go smoothly?
Is there an Open Issue(s)?
Please Suggest and Product and/or Service Improvements:
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