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Chroma™ – Affordable All-In-One Single Room Blu-ray Server

Introducing Chroma™ - The World’s First Blu-ray & iTunes Server!


Chroma 1TB Blu-ray Server

The Chroma is the first complete Entertainment Server that combines the features of a Blu-ray Server and an Apple TV into a single unit for an international retail price of less than $3,600. Chroma combines the quality of Blu-ray® with the convenience of Apple TV® in an all-in-one solution that everyone can afford.

Chroma is unparalleled in features, pricing and simplicity. The closest competition cost thousands of dollars more, requires an unreliable, complicated mechanical disc-changer, and doesn’t support iTunes, UV, photos, home videos or online media. It is a perfect replacement for the discontinued Sony Blu-ray disc changer, on limited space installations such as Yachts.

You can add up to 4 more Players to support 5 rooms of independent playback of media. You can also add virtually unlimited media storage with either USB, eSATA or a networked Mozaex Server. Chroma includes “iBLU”, which supports both the iTunes movies/music store and Blu-ray movies.

Chroma also includes a feature called iPlay™, which allows the user to play their iTunes library of movies and music using Apple’s elegantly designed, free iPad/iPhone “Remote” App.

Chroma works with the Apple AirPort Express unit so Chroma’s music can be extended to another room wirelessly.

You can both buy and browse media via its HD TV interface and unlike Apple TV, Chroma doesn’t require a TV to play music when using the Apple Remote App. You can also add unlimited Chroma Sonnets music players for multi-room iTunes music and other online media throughout the home.

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Solo™ All-In-One Multi-room Blu-ray 12TB 3D Server

Introducing Solo - The Complete Blu-ray 3D Player & Storage System!

The Solo is the world’s only all-in-one 12TB Blu-ray 3D Player and Storage system.

Solo 2 3D

Solo 2 3D 12TB Blu-ray 3D Server

The Solo includes up to 12TBs of internal storage.

For more storage add one or more 24TB Servers.

The perfect solution for 1 to 5 room Player homes.

For more independent playback rooms add up to 4 more Players.

There is no comparison to the Solo 2 3D!

Mozaex eclipses the "closest" competition since we offer:

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Choose a Solo Model that's Right For You!

Solo Group

The Solo is the perfect solution for 1 to 5 independent playback room projects.

The ShowStar is the world’s most affordable single room solution.

Choose the Solo model with the enclosure and storage amount that best meets your needs.

To add more rooms or storage simply add up to 4 more Players or a Server respectively.

To add more rooms or storage simply add up to 4 more Players or a Server respectively.

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Mozaex Eclipses All Other Servers!







Supported Stored Media



DOES NOT REQUIRE a disc changer to watch a Blu-ray movie Yes


Plays Blu-ray 3D Movies



Plays digital HD Photo Slide Shows with Music



Plays Home Camera Videos



NetFlix™ & VUDU™ Movies, Pandora™ plus over 100 channels



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Mozaex Price Savings -- Two Playback Room System that Stores/Plays 300 Blu-rays







Model-Components Player 1

M500 Player (three)

*The Solo 2 3D uniquely plays Blu-ray 3D
Solo 2 3D* 12TB 3U Server 12TB
7 2TB drives
3 Disc Vaults

Estimated MSRP Retail Price



Mozaex Estimated Savings - (2 Room 300 Blu-rays) = $21,200 Mozaex Savings!

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