Enterprise Server Overview

With up to 264TBs of RAID 6 storage the Enterprise Server (“E Server”) is the most sophisticated residential Media Server available in the market today with unparalleled benefits including:

Enterprise Server

Unsurpassed Scalability
The E Server is a Centrally Managed RAID 6 Media Storage Server that is scalable up to 264TBs.

Superior Performance Designed for Large Scale Projects
24Gbps potential bandwidth with throughput performance that can reach over 1700MB/s in read cycles and 1500MB/s in write cycles.

Optimized Product Reliability and Longevity
Uniquely automatic staggering spin-up for hard drives during power up which extends the life / duty cycle of the hard drives and power supply.

Superior Storage and Power Supply Redundancy
RAID 6 protects against not just one drive failure like other RAID 4 or 5 systems, but protects against two-drive failures per 24 drive array.

Warm-swappable hard drives plus redundant power supply for protection against power failure.

Unprecedented Remote System Manageability
Mozaex SurePlay™ online service provides full online remote system accessibility for periodic checkups and software updates. Serial General Purpose Input/Output (SGPIO) is utilized to provide the system's real time status of the hard drives and enclosure. RAID status is automatically sent via an email alert. Power Supply status can be easily monitored by the status LED and an audible alarm alert.