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1 To 30 Room Player/Server Systems

Player/Server -Multi-Room System- Perfect for projects that require 1 to 30 rooms of independent playback of Movies and Music. Offers virtually unlimited, scalable non-RAID and RAID 6 media storage. Load your collection of movies, music and photos onto a centralized Server and then play a unique or same movie, song, photo slide show in any room at any time!

Server Player Setup

1 To 5 Room All-In-One Systems

Solo -Multi-Room All-In-One System- An expandable Blu-ray 3D solution for projects that only require 1 to 5 rooms with independent Movie/Music/Photo Players and up to 12TBs of storage. The Solo All-In-One System combines both a Media Player and a storage Server into an all in one unit. Up to 4 additional Players may be added for a total of 5 independent playback rooms. For more storage simply add a Server.

Chroma -Affordable, Multi-room All-In-One System- A multi-room, Blu-ray 2D solution with 1TB of internal storage that can be expanded with external USB storage. Chroma is a perfect cost-effective solution for smaller sized storage applications and where a rugged enclosure and reference class performance is not required. The Chroma allows the dealer to add their own external USB storage. A Mozaex issued service license is required to expand external storage.

Whats New
Mozaex System Comparison
Feature/System Player/Server Solo Chroma
Number of Playback Rooms 1 to 30 Rooms 1 to 5 Rooms 1 Room
Network or Internal Storage Network Server Internal (4TB - 12TB) & Network Internal 1TB & Network
RAID Protected Storage Optional RAID 6 Optional RAID 5 Non-Raid
Supports 2 Way Controllers Yes Yes Yes
Series / Models
BD = Blu-ray Drive
ND = No Drive
Player 1, 2, 3 Solo 1, 2, 3 Chroma Server
Chroma Player BD
Chroma Player ND

Player - Plays and Load Media to and from Mozaex Servers

Mozaex Players play all of your media including movies, music and photos stored on your Mozaex Server.

1. Select a Mozaex Player Series

Select the Player Series from the table below that meets your personal needs.

2. Select Player Quantity

Decide how many “zones” or rooms you want to simultaneously play movies and music in.  You will need to have one Player for each of these zones.

Player Comparison
Player Feature Player 3 Player 2 Player 1 Chroma Player
Rugged 19 Inch Rack Mount Enclosure Yes Optional Optional Optional
Component Video (CV) Internal Option For Video Distribution Yes Yes External External
Direct IR Input Jack for IR Remote Control Extenders Yes No No No
3D Model is Available Yes Yes No No
Players Specifications View View View View

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Servers - Loads, Stores, and Delivers Media to Mozaex Players

1. Select the amount of storage you need to store your movies and music.

Decide how many DVD and Blu-ray movies, CD music and other media you want to store and play throughout your home.

Blu-rays take about 5 times the amount of storage as a DVD. On average 2TBs = 250 DVDs or 50 Blu-ray movies.

2. Select a model with or without RAID media storage protection.

The Server RAID model prevents you from having to reload your stored media in the event that either one or two MediaDrives fail.

Server Comparison
Server Features/Model RAID Server Server (*2U Option) Mini Server
Optical Drive Included Blu-ray/DVD/CD Blu-ray/DVD/CD Blu-ray/DVD/CD
Number of Removable Drives 10 10 1
Storage Capacity & Type 6TB - 16TB RAID 6 4TB - 20TB Non-RAID 2TB
Total DVD Capacity 750 - 2,000 500 - 2,500 250
Total Blu-ray Capacity 150 - 400 100 - 500 250
Player Licenses Included 30 10* 10*
Enclosure 4U Rack Mount 4U Rack Mount Mini- Rack Option
Server Specifications View View View

3 .Enterprise Server – 264TB RAID 6 Storage

Enterprise Server

With up to 264TBs of RAID 6 storage the Enterprise Server is the largest, most scalable residential media server available in the market today.

Click here to view the Enterprise Server Specifications


  1. *A Server 2U is also available that is half the height of the Server (2U versus 4U) and has 2 drives – 1 removable and 1 internal – 4TB max.
  2. Storage is expandable by adding Drives and/or with one or more Servers
  3. Server, Server 2U and Mini Licenses - A "Plus" option may be added to the order to increase the number of licenses to 30.

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Solo Series - Plays, Loads, and Stores Media

The Solo is an All-In-One Player and Storage System that plays all of your media including movies, music and photos that are stored internally or optionally from a Server.

The Solo is perfect for 1 to 5 independent playback room homes. The Solo does not require a Server since it includes up to 16TBs of non-RAID or 9TBs RAID 5* internal storage.

Solo Feature Solo 2 Solo 3 Chroma
Maximum internal non-RAID* storage 16TB 4TB 1TB
RAID 5 Storage Option Yes No No
Rugged 19 Inch Rack Mount Enclosure Optional Yes No
Component Video (CV) Internal Option For Video Distribution Yes Yes No
Direct IR Input Jack for IR Remote Control Extenders No Yes No
3D Model is Available Yes Yes No
Players Specifications Solo 2 Solo 3 Chroma

*The Solo 2 may be configured with up to 9TBs of RAID 5 protected storage, where the media is protected in the event that one drive fails

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Chroma Series

Player and All-In-One Models - Plays, Loads, and Stores Media


Chroma 1TB Server or Chroma Player BD


Compact TV mounting


Chroma Player ND

TV Mount

Compact TV mounting


Chroma Sonnet

TV Mount

Compact TV mounting

Chroma Series

The Chroma Series includes a Server, Player BD (Blu-ray drive), a Player ND (no Drive) and a Sonnet (music only).

Chroma Server - is an affordable All-In-One Player and 1TB Storage System.

Chroma Server 1TB is perfect for budget-limited small storage, one to five room projects.

You may add up to 4 Players to the Server for a total of 5 independent Players.

Chroma Player - is an ultra slim 1U Player is also available that can play media from any Server or Solo.

The Chroma Player is the preferred solution where compactness, aesthetics and ergonomics are a must.

Chroma Sonnet is a non-drive based Music Only Player. Refer to the Sonnet page for details.

Feature Comparison of Chroma Versus the Solo

Feature Chroma Server Chroma Player Solo 2
Model Server Player BD Solo 2
Maximum internal Non-RAID Storage 1TB   0TB 12TB
Optional Internal RAID 5 or 6 Protected Storage No   No Yes
Front Slot Load Blu-ray Drive Yes   Yes Tray
Supports Blu-ray 3D No   No Yes
Internal Power Supply No   No Yes
Internal Component Video Option No   No Yes
Height 1.5 Inch   1.73 Inch 5.9 Inch
Specifications Chroma Chroma Solo 2

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Quartet Series - Plays, Loads, and Stores Media

Click on the Model Name for Specifications



Sonnet Series - Music Player


Sonnet Music Player


Compact TV mounting

Multi-room Multimedia Music Player

Sonnet is an affordable way to add a broad selection of music to one or more rooms.

Sonnet plays loaded CDs, imported music files, iTunes, Pandora radio and other online channels.

Sonnet is compatible with the Apple Remote App on an iPhone of iPAD so you can play your entire iTunes library.

Sonnet works with both 2 Way Touch Panels and via the Mozaex HD quality Cover Art TV User interface.

Multiple Sonnets can independently play any song and works on wired or a wireless network plus with an Apple Airplay Express.

Extremely compact, cool and quiet the Sonnet may also be TV mounted with its included TV mounting kit.

Plays Any Music in Any Room - Loaded CDs, iTunes Music and Pandora

Sonnet is unique in that it can play all forms of music including:

  • Your entire collection of loaded CDs
  • Your collection of imported MP3 and other formats of music
  • Your entire collection of iTunes library of music
  • Pandora radio and other online music channels

Broad and Flexible Remote Controls

Sonnet may be controlled using the following remote controls:

  1. The Mozaex 2 way Touch Panels including Crestron, AMX, Elan, Control4, Vantage and RTI to name a few.
  2. The included RF mini “KeyGlide” keyboard and its TV Screen User Interface with HD Cover Art.
  3. An optional add-on external IR module and either the Mozaex IR remote or other compatible remote.
  4. An Apple iOS Device including the iPhone and iPAD to play your entire iTunes library.

Easily and Highly Scalable

You can add virtually an unlimited number of Sonnets to your home as long as you have the available network bandwidth.

Spread The Music Around

Add as many Sonnets as you like to play music throughout your home.


Setup is simple:

  1. Attach the Sonnet onto a wired or wireless network
  2. Point the Sonnet to the address of a Mozaex Server or a Solo where you have music loaded.
  3. Select a Remote Control and play any loaded, streaming or iTunes downed music.


  • Audio
    • Analog Stereo (3.5mm connector)
    • Optical SPDIF Digital 5.1 Surround Sound (Toslink)
  • Video – HDMI (720p), VGA
  • Ethernet
    • Wired 10/100/1000 Ethernet (RJ45)
    • Wireless, Wifi 802.11 G and N - via included USB Wifi mini module.
  • USB - (4) USB 2.0 ports
  • Dimensions – 7.4 in. (D) X 7.4 in. (W) X 1.73 In. (H)
  • Weight – 5.0 LBs with external 120/230 50/60 HZ power adapter

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