Mozaex Installation Info

How to Purchase and Install Mozaex into my Home

The Mozaex Media Server system is available exclusively through a worldwide network of over 600 Authorized Mozaex Dealers.   In addition to our Dealers are further supported by a network of 10 USA based Independent Rep Firms and 20 International Distributors.

Mozaex Dealers possess the skills and resources to assist you in selecting a Mozaex Setup that best meets your needs, install and integrate the Mozaex with virtually any remote control system you desire. In addition they provide you with professional training and support to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Many Dealers also offer additional services such as the loading of movies, music, photos and other media onto the Mozaex systems.

First Click here to locate an Mozaex Dealer.
If you need additional assistance please contact a Mozaex Project Manager or click here to locate an Outside Sales Representative.

How can Mozaex be Configured in my Home?

The Mozaex system can work as a stand-alone Media Server or can be installed with, and even controlled by your home automation system of choice.

The two most common installation types are:

  1. Click to view a Centralized Installation or
  2. Click to view a Distributed Installation

How can I Control my Mozaex?

Mozaex may be accessed or controlled using one or more of the following Remote Control methods:

  1. Using the included wireless handheld remote controller.
  2. Using universal remotes such as RTI, Harmony and Universal Remote.
  3. Using an advanced handheld or Touch Panel controller from companies such as Crestron and AMX. -An example of an advanced Touch Panel is shown in the photo to the right.
  4. Whole house audio control systems such as NetStreams, Elan, Sonos and Roku.
  5. Personal computers that are located on the same network as the Mozaex.

Compatible Home Remote Control Systems.

Whole home control systems, hand held remote controllers, Media Players and audio video distribution systems that are compatible or are forthcoming include the following**:

  • AMX
  • Control4
  • Crestron
  • Elan
  • Harmony
  • HomeLogic
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • NetStreams
  • Nevo
  • Philips
  • RTI
  • Savant
  • Universal Remote Control
  • Vantage
  • Xantech

SurePlay™ Online System Maintenance Service

SurePlay – Hassle Free Mozaex Software Updating & System Maintenance!

Once again Mozaex has revolutionized worry free Home Entertainment with SurePlay!

SurePlay is an exclusive online system service that ensures that your Mozaex is fully operating and is running with the latest software updates.

With SurePlay your Mozaex Dealer or Mozaex Support can perform routine health checkups, update software or respond instantly to a problem via the web all without having to visit your home!

SurePlay minimizes or eliminates confusing software updates to play the latest Blu-ray movie or adding an online NetPlay channel such as NetFlix.

SurePlay is shipped with all Mozaex products at no charge and provides Mozaex and/or your Dealer access to your Mozaex on an as needed basis.

Ask your Mozaex Dealer about signing up to have them perform monthly system checkups and software updating services.

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