Multi-Room Multimedia Home Entertainment

Centralized Mozaex Application

In a Centralized Player topology, you group all of the Players together in a centralized Server room along with the Mozaex Server and a multi-zone analog Audio/Video distribution system. The Audio/Video distribution system allows you to remotely select and distribute to any room, any Player audio and video signal. Because in most cases the Audio/Video distribution system incorporates the audio amplifier all audio volume and other controls can be centrally controlled.

In order to use the Mozaex in a centralized configuration you must either program your Audio/Video distribution system to link the IR commands from the remote viewing/listening room back to the respective Player located in the Server room or use a Player compatible control system. An Application Programming Interface (API) has been released that provides for seamless integration with virtually any control system including those from Crestron, AMX, Control4, HAI, Elan, Niles, Xantech, Vantage, RTI, Lutron, and many others. Contact your Mozaex representative or log into the Mozaex Dealer port for a list of compatible control systems.

You can attach an unlimited number of Players to a single Server. Up to 30 same or different simultaneous movies may be instantly played. The number of simultaneous media playbacks is determined by the available network bandwidth. A greater number of simultaneous audio playback is possible. Servers that support greater than `30 simultaneous movies are available.


Either the included hand held remote control with an IR link back to the Player or custom touch panels with optional software can be used to control the playback of media.


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