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Why Mozaex is the World's Best Blu-ray Entertainment Server

Learn More! - After Nov. 30th 2014 Kaleidescape will no longer be able to import DVDs

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With over 8,000 units shipped in 35 Countries and to OEMs including IMAX®, Mozaex has established itself as the premier Blu-ray Entertainment Server manufacturer.

The company's founders have had many "world firsts" including:

  • The first Multimedia Server in 2004,
  • The first HD-DVD and Blu-ray Servers in 2006
  • The first Blu-ray 3D Server in 2010

We have shipped more non-disc changer based Blu-ray servers than any other company in the world.`

Our experience and knowledge in Custom Home Media Server integration is second to none.

Take some time to review the competitive information and you will see there is no comparison to Mozaex!!

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Entertainment Server Comparison

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Manufacturer Mozaex® Kaleidescape®
Supported Stored Media    
Does NOT Require a Disc Changer - to watch a Blu-ray movie Yes No
Downloads & Plays iTunes HD Movies & Music - stored locally and on network Yes No
Plays Blu-ray 3D Movies Support for FULL HD 3D at 120HZ, 1080p quality. Yes No
Plays 4 Movie Types – Disc-Load, Down-Load, Stream, Mobile - iOS, Android Yes - 4Play™ No
Plays Digital HD Photo Slide Shows with Music Yes No
Plays Other forms of Videos, Music – Plays home videos, MP3s & other files Yes No
Supported Online Media    
Shop & Instantly Play over 50,000 iTunes - Movies & millions of Songs Yes - iBLU™ No
Plays NetFlix™ VUDU™ & HULU™ - Instantly Stream Movies and TV shows. Yes No
Plays Over 200 Other Online Media Channels - including Pandora™ radio Yes No
Affordability & Model Selection    
Affordable ($3K base price) All-In-One Models - 1TB to 16TB Blu-ray Systems Yes No
Choice of Three Series of Players - Choice of RAID 6 or Non-RAID Servers Yes No
Media Loading    
Remote Player AND Fast Local Media Loading On Server Yes No
Supports Region Free – Plays all International regions of DVDs & Blu-rays Yes No
FlashLoader Utility – Loads Flash drive media and software updates Yes No
Reliability & Online System Maintenance Service  
Reliable RAID 6 - Dual Media Drive Protection Option Yes No – 1 Drive
Reliable, Single Unit, Non-Disc-Changer Models (ie: Solo, Chroma) Yes No
Remote Maintenance - SurePlay™ - Online Full System Maintenance Yes No
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