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Is the Mozaex product 100% legal?

Yes, Mozaex is 100% legal.

Mozaex and their products are 100% legal since Mozaex does not make, sell, provide or induce the use of any unlicensed decryption software.

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What components do I need?

Mozaex offers the world’s widest selection of solutions that range in pricing from less than $2,000 MSRP for the single room Chroma Blu-ray 1TB system to a series of Player/Server systems that offer virtually unlimited room and storage expansion. Your Mozaex dealer can assist you in selecting the Mozaex system that will perfectly meet your personal entertainment needs today and tomorrow.

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How do I choose what movie or music I want to play?

Mozaex makes entertainment simple, fast and fun. With a click of a button choose from automatically organized list of high quality movie cover art or by genre, artist or music album name. With a library of over 400,000 movie and 2 million music cover arts, Mozaex now maintains the world’s largest Domestic and International High-Res cover art library.

With the new Mozaex 3D Player and Solo models you can even play Blu-ray 3D movies in conjunction with a compatible 3D TV and active 3D glasses. With Mozaex Blu-ray 3D you can be assured that you will be able to play today’s and tomorrow’s blockbuster hits!

Along with movies, music and photos the Mozaex system also provides instant access to dozens of online media including NetFlix™ which is a subscription based movie streaming service and several Internet radio stations including a subscription service called "Pandora" that is as fun and simple as it gets. By simply entering an artist, song or genre, Pandora will automatically locate either the exact song and/or a collection of songs by the chosen artist and create your own personal internet radio station based on your personal music preferences!

That’s entertainment at its best. Simple, fast and fun!

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How can I control the Mozaex using a Home Control system?

Mozaex is compatible with virtually any Home Control system on the market. Please go to the Installation Info page for details.

What types of media are supported on the Mozaex?

Mozaex allows virtually an unlimited number of people to instantly select and play with a remote controller any or all of the media listed below.  Note: Maximum of 30 movies can be viewed simultaneously per server.  Contact Mozaex for greater simultaneous movie playing models. Refer to the information below concerning support of copyrighted media.

  • Movies in true digital surround sound (Dolby Digital , DTS and DTS-ES)
  • Recorded broadcast TV shows
  • VHS videos
  • Camcorder videos
  • Downloaded Internet Movies
  • CD, MP3 and other digital music
  • Downloaded digital music
  • Internet radio stations
  • Digital Photo Collection

Store your entire personal library of media! A personal collection of multimedia content might include:

  • 500 Movies
  • 30 broadcast TV shows
  • 100 VHS tapes
  • 25 camcorder videos
  • 1,000 music CDs
  • 2,000 digital photos
  • 10 stations of Internet Radio

The Mozaex Home Entertainment System offers for the first time a complete out-of-the-box home entertainment solution that offers the broadest support of media input/output interfaces, media recording and management utilities plus an open, scalable architecture that allows for future upgrades.

How does Mozaex compare to other Servers?"

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