Entertainment should be a pleasure not a chore

Start a movie in your home theatre and resume it in the bedroom!

Listen to music lounging by the pool and then watch a photo slide show in the living room!

Enjoy any media, any time or all at the same time!

Mozaex is entertainment at its best -- simple, fast and fun!

Ultimate HD Movie Quality

Mozaex plays True 1080p Blu-ray movies via single click Movie cover art!

Simple and Pleasurable

Mozaex eliminates the frustration and time spent organizing and searching for that favorite movie, song or photo album.

Instant Playback in Any Room

With the click of a button instantly enjoy any show from any room, anytime.

Added Protection

Mozaex safeguards your DVD and CD discs from being damaged or lost.

The Parental Ratings feature protects children from unsuitable movies.

Entertainment made simple and fun!

Easy To Use

Simply load your collection of movies, music and photographs on to your Mozaex system and your ready to play!.

Does All Of The Work For You

Mozaex automatically retrieves and organizes your media with cover art, synopsis, actors and other information about the movie or album.

Play Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

The Mozaex system is compatible with leading control systems so you can start a movie in one room and resume it in another. Or you can pick songs on the fly, save a playlist and play them in one room or all roooms for a party

Share a photo-music slide show with friends.

You can also listen to internet radio, iPOD music and check the weather!

Works with leading home control systems



Mozaex is compatible with a broad line of controller systems including handheld remotes to color LCD Touch Panels from companies such as Crestron®, AMX® and Control 4®.


With a single remote control you can now instantly control all of your home entertainment media and home automation systems including lighting, temperature and security systems.

Grows with your home or … yacht

Tailored to Your Unique Needs!

Mozaex systems consists of either:

  • Player / Server Systems – A highly scalable system with both a storage Server and up to 30 Players.
Player Server Setup

Player/Server - Multi-Room System

  • All-In-One Systems - Perfect for one to five room projects the All-In-One Solo combines in one unit a Player with up to 12TBs of storage.
Solo 2 3D

All-In-One - Solo 2 3D 12TB System

Choose a Mozaex™ that is right for you!

Expands with Your Imagination!

Easily add more Players and Storage as your media playback zones and media collection grows.

More Media, More Control, More Entertainment!


30 Years of Award Winning Quality!

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