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NEWS- June 2 2014


  • Will no longer be able to load DVD movies which represent a vast majority of movies available worldwide.
  • Will only support Blu-ray movies plus a disc changer.
  • Online K Store is limited to 6,000 movie/TV titles in USA, Canada and UK


The following opinions were formed from articles referenced below and are provided to help answer questions regarding the ban.

Question:   - Will Kaleidescape Be Able to Import and Play DVD Movies after Nov. 30th 2014?

Answer:   - No, Kaleidescape’s servers will no longer be able to import DVD discs.
-You will only be able to "import" and play Blu-ray discs with a disc changer.

Question:   How Many Movies Available Worldwide Will Kaleidescape be able to Import after Nov. 30th 2014?

Answer:   Only Blu-ray movies which represent about 60K titles or 20% of the total 275K DVD/Blu-ray titles available. -Kaleidescape won’t be able to import over 200,000 DVD movie/TV titles available worldwide.

Question:   - How many Movie/TV Titles are currently available in how many Countries on Kaleidescape’s KStore?

Answer:   Around 5,600 total – 4,400 DVDs and 1,200 Blu-rays in only 3 Countries: USA, Canada and UK
-A large percentage are TV titles and only Titles from Warner Bro.'s and Lions Gate are available.

Question:   - How many Movie/TV Titles are currently available in how many Countries on iTunes Store?

Answer:   Around 250,000 total - 50,000 movies plus 200,000 TV episodes in 147 Countries

Question:   How many more Movie/TV Titles and Countries covered are available on Mozaex-iTunes versus KStore?

Answer:  The Mozaex–iTunes Store offers around 250,000 more movie/TV Titles in 144 more Countries than KStore

Question:   - Can Kaleidescape’s KStore instantly stream movies like the Mozaex – iTunes Store?

Answer:   No – You have to first download the movie which can take upwards of 8 hours for a Blu-ray on a good connection

Question:  Does the KStore offer 50 million plus songs like the Mozaex-iTunes Store does?

Answer:   - No


  1. 1. Kaleidescape systems will not be able to import DVD discs. There are currently 4,400 KStore DVD titles available.
    Article John Sciacca June 5,2014 "What Kaleidescape’s DVD CCA Lawsuit Settlement Means to Dealers" – Read article
    "As I read the release, following November 29, Kaleidescape systems will still play back DVDs – either via a single disc-in-tray or when stored in a vault – but discs will not be imported, correct?
    Cheena Srinivasan, CEO, Kaleidescape: "Correct. However, it will still be possible to import DVDs that are not protected by CSS [such as home videos], just as we do today".
  2. 2. Kaleidescape will only import around 60K worldwide Blu-rays or a fraction of the total 275K+ worldwide DVD/Blu-rays
    Article January 9th, 2012: "How Many Movies Are There?" Read Article
    "As of today [Jan. 9, 2012], the Internet Movie Database records 268,246 features (that’s counting from 1888 to 2017—it includes films that are only in production)."
    This site has an index of DVDs and Blu-rays that lists a total of 265,112 movies as of August 1, 2014. View Site
    IMDB Stats: These stats suggests that there will be over 1 million movie titles not including the almost 2 million TV episodes to be released by 2021: A vast majority will be DVD titles that Kaleidescape will no longer be able to import. View Site
    It is estimated that approximately 60,000 total Blu-ray titles have been released worldwide to date. View Site
    Conclusion: Kaleidescape will only be able to import 60K Blu-rays or a fraction of the total 275K worldwide movies.
    Conclusion: Of the estimated 1M movies and 2M TV episodes BDs and DVDs released by 2021, Kaleidescape will not be able to import or play an estimated 2.5 million DVDs.
  3. 3. "iTunes offers over 37 million songs, 700,000 apps, 190,000 TV episodes and 45,000 films as of September 12, 2012" View Site
    -iTunes is in 147 Countries. "The Affiliate (iTunes store) Program is now supporting 147 countries on one easy to use platform" View Site
  4. 4. Kaleidescapes KStore currently has less than 6,000 titles many are TV shows, including 4,400 DVDs and less than 1,400 Blu-rays.
    "Currently there are roughly 4,400 DVD quality titles available from the Kaleidescape store." Read Article
    Mozaex: "Currently as of August 1st, 2014 there are less than 1,400 Blu-ray titles on the KStore in which many if not a majority are TV show Titles."
    Conclusion: The Mozaex supported iTunes store has around 250,000 more Movie/TV Titles and available in 144 more Countries than KStore


It is expected that after November 30th 2014, the following prohibitions on future DVD servers shipped will be enforced:

  • Kaleidescape will NOT be able to STORE DVDs.
  • Kaleidescape will continue to REQUIRE an antiquated "Blu-ray disc-changer" to play loaded Blu-ray movies.
  • Kaleidescape will ONLY support Blu-rays and KStore* movies or less than 75K of the 275K total movies in production worldwide
  • Kaleidescape’s online KStore reportedly offers around 6,000 titles (4,400 DVDs plus est. 1,600 Blu-rays) in 3 Countries (USA, Canada, UK)
    -In comparison Mozaex’s supported iTunes online store offers around 250,000 titles (50K Movies + 200K TV episodes) in 147 Countries.


The Kaleidescape ruling does not negatively affect Mozaex.

Mozaex will continue to offer the most reliable, highest quality media servers available.

  • Mozaex system design has been reaffirmed to be legal by both the RealDVD and Kaleidescape cases.
  • Mozaex continues to ship its award winning Server without requiring a disc-changer.
  • Mozaex offers a superior product that can play stored DVD’s and Blu-ray movies in multiple rooms.
  • Mozaex offers many unique valuable features that Kaleidescape does not offer including:
    • Blu-ray HD 3D Movies
    • Instant Streaming VUDU, NetFlix Movies
    • High Quality Downloaded iTunes Movies
    • High Quality Home Videos and Photo Slide Shows
    • 200 Plus Channels of Online Media


Kaleidescape Ruling Reaffirms that Mozaex is Legal

Question:   Is Mozaex negatively affected by this Kaleidescape ruling?

Answer:   No. This was a contractual violation specifically between Kaleidescape and the DVDCCA.

The Kaleidescape lawsuit is specifically a contractual licensing dispute between the DVDCCA and Kaleidescape.

Mozaex is not negatively affected by this ruling since Mozaex does not have a contract with the DVDCCA or other decryption software company and thus is not subject to any possible contractual violation.

Mozaex does not ship with the DVDCCA related software or any other unlicensed decryption software. Mozaex only ships with a licensed, commercially available movie physical disc player software that includes licensed decryption software.

We believe that the court ruling was in addition to the RealDVD case another positive affirmation that Mozaex and its products are legal to make, sell, resell and service.

In addition we appreciate that the court expressed the following opinion of the DMCA which we believe affirms our position that our product is legal because Mozaex is NOT involved in the "trafficking in and marketing of [decryption] devices":

"A reading of the DMCA makes it clear that its prohibition applies to the trafficking in and marketing of devices that would circumvent encryption technology, not to the users of such technology. (See 32,1 Studios, supra, 307 F.Supp,2d at p. 1097.)"

Mozaex® Continues to be Fully Legal to Sell, Buy and Support.

Question:   Is Mozaex legal to use, sell and support?

Answer:   Yes. Mozaex is legal to use, sell and support.

Mozaex and their products are legal since Mozaex does not make, sell or provide any unlicensed decryption software.

The company only ships with commercially available, fully licensed decryption movie player software.

Mozaex has always and will continue to adhere to all laws including but not limited to the DMCA regarding movie copyrights.

Mozaex Does Not Require a Disc-Changer

Question:   Is it necessary to buy a disc changer to play Blu-ray movies like Kaleidescape ?

Answer:   NO. It is not necessary to use a disc changer with Mozaex.

A disc changer is not necessary with Mozaex since the company does not ship with unlicensed decryption software.

Mozaex Does Not Require Decryption Software To Use

Question:   Do I need to install decryption software to use Mozaex?

Answer:   NO. You do not need to install any decryption software to use Mozaex.

Mozaex does not require or "induce" anyone to buy, install or use encryption software since the product may be used to play many forms of media without the use of decryption software.

Like a personal computer, Mozaex is a multi-purpose computer that can be used to play many forms of both protected ("encrypted") and unprotected ("unencrypted") media without decryption software.

Mozaex Media Supported Without the Use of Decryption Software

  • Supported Protected Media Examples - Physical movie discs such as DVD and Blu-ray discs and pay-per-view streaming or downloaded movies from sites like iTunes, NetFlix and VUDU.
  • Supported Unprotected Media Examples - Unprotected movie DVD discs, home videos, music, photos and over two hundred channels of online media including video services such as YouTube.


We believe that there are statements on Kaleidescape’s web site that are not accurate or reflective of our product and our understanding of the United States movie copyright laws.

Question:   Kaleidescape’s web site states the following "understanding" of the Law. Are all of these statements true about Mozaex?

Answer:   NO. There are several statements that we believe are not correct.

Disclaimer: Because the questions surrounding the movie copyright laws can be complex, confusing and evolving we feel that it is important that both dealers and end users are provided with the most up-to-date, unbiased, factual information with the intent of helping you make the most educated decisions in complying with copyright laws. We are not offering any opinion on the illegality of making, selling, providing or in any way illegally using decryption software. We encourage you to seek your own legal counsel to answer any legal questions you may have.

Statements Made on Kaleidescape’s Web Site That We Don’t Agree With

From Kaleidescape’s web site. Refer to: What about "DVD/Blu-ray Media Servers"?

We believe that the following Kaleidescape web site statements do not correctly represent Mozaex LLC, the Mozaex product or the current state of the copyright laws in the United States:

1. Kaleidescape Statement

"We have been informed that the manufacturers of various unlicensed "DVD/Blu-ray Media Servers" advise their dealers and customers that "if you want to load media that is protected you likely will need to install additional decryption software" in order to play or copy such discs."

Mozaex Clarification

Mozaex does NOT manufacturer an unlicensed "DVD/Blu-ray Media Servers".

Mozaex Correction

Mozaex DOES ship with fully licensed decryption software to play movie discs therefore you DO NOT "need to install additional decryption software" to "play … such discs"

2. Kaleidescape Statement

"It is our understanding that the use of such unlicensed software to break the copy protection on discs is generally illegal in the USA and could constitute a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the "DMCA")."

"Based on its current knowledge, Kaleidescape believes that the installation of these "DVD/Blu-ray Media Servers", including obtaining the third-party software to get them working as advertised, would result in dealers and/or their customers in the USA committing criminal acts and risking heavy fines or jail time."

Mozaex Correction

Mozaex does not agree with these statements. Based on two recent court cases, namely the RealDVD and the Kaleidescape cases, Mozaex believes that these two statements are misleading and misrepresent the courts understanding of the DMCA as it relates to the USE OF DECRYPTION SOFTWARE . On the contrary it is our position that these two cases AFFIRMED that the DMCA DOES NOT PROHIBIT "OBTAINING" OR "USE" of decryption software for LEGAL PURPOSES per this quote from the recent Kaleidescape permanent injunction ruling:

"A reading of the DMCA makes it clear that its prohibition applies to the trafficking in and marketing of devices that would circumvent encryption technology, not to the users of such technology. (See 32,1 Studios, supra, 307 F.Supp,2d at p. 1097.)"

Highlighting Note: the underlined emphasis above was added for clarity purposes in the reprinting of these statements and quotations.

Suggestions to Maintaining Compliance with Copyright Laws

The following are suggested steps that we believe from our research to be the minimum rules that should be followed in order to maintain compliance with copyright laws. These are only suggestions and should not be construed as legal advice. Consult with your own legal counsel for more information on how to fully comply with all copyright laws.


  1. Do Not Sell any Unlicensed Decryption Software – As discussed in the section above it is illegal to SELL decryption software. Only the End User is allowed to purchase and use decryption software for legal purposes.
  2. Do Not Illegally Use any Unlicensed Decryption Software - Do not for example, copy "non-owned" movies including but limited to rentals or borrowed movies onto a media server for yourself or an End User. Do not assist an End User in illegally copying non-owned movies onto a media server. This may also be referred to as "contributory infringement".
  3. Optionally Have End User Sign A Hold Harmless Agreement - We believe that since our products are legal and our Sales Terms and Conditions includes an indemnification clause it is not required to have additional indemnification agreements signed by the End User.

    However If you believe that you need additional legal protection against losses caused by the End User’s illegal use of the media server you should consider having the End User sign a Hold Harmless Agreement (HHA) similar to the one that is included with the Mozaex Dealer Sales Terms and Conditions Agreement.

End Users

  1. Do Not Illegally Use any Unlicensed Decryption Software - Do not for example, copy "non-owned" movies including but limited to rentals or borrowed movies, onto a media server for yourself or an End User.


Why Selling and Supporting Mozaex is Legal

Why Using Decryption Software for Legal Purposes is Considered Legal


    We agree with the legal experts opinions referenced in the articles below, that "copying DVD’s for personal use "may well be" lawful under the Fair Use Doctrine of the Copyright Act" (Click link to learn more).

    "A reading of the DMCA makes it clear that its prohibition applies to the trafficking in and marketing of devices that would circumvent encryption technology, not to the users of such technology. (See 32,1 Studios, supra, 307 F.Supp,2d at p. 1097.)"

    As it is with the 100 million Personal Computers shipped with Media Center type software and other movie playback software a media server that does not include any unlicensed decryption software is also NOT illegal to make, sell or support.

    Based on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) it is illegal to make, sell or provide [ie: give away] decryption software. However, the DMCA does not prohibit the purchase and legal use of decryption software.


Question:   How can I learn more about how to obey copyright laws?

Answer:   There are numerous articles on the subject.

There have been numerous articles on this subject including the ones referenced below. It is also recommended that you contact your own legal counsel regarding any questions that you might have concerning this subject.

  • Wired article: "But the decision, although mixed, left open the door that copying DVD’s for personal use "may well be" lawful under the fair use doctrine of the Copyright Act, although trafficking in such goods was illegal."
  • Wired article: "However, she stopped short of sanctioning personal use copies, and gave a conflicting message on whether it was legal." "So while it may well be fair use for an individual consumer to store a backup copy of a personally owned DVD on that individual’s computer, a federal law has nonetheless made it illegal to manufacture or traffic in a device or tool that permits a consumer to make such copies," [Judge] Patel said.
  • Wired article: "The law is deeply unclear. The reality, as far as I know, nobody has ever been sued for making a personal use DVD or CD," said Fred von Lohmann, an Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney.

Links to specific articles on Copyright laws:

  • Click here to read the Wired article entitled "Judge Rules DVD-Copying Software Is Illegal"
  • Click here to read the Wired article entitled "Hollywood Control of DVD-Copying at Crossroads"

For additional information contact your Mozaex Project Manager by clicking here


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No statement or any information on this web site should be construed as legal advice. Those seeking legal advice should retain their own legal counsel for that purpose. Laws may vary in the Country, State or Providence that you reside in.

While Mozaex is shipped with licensed decryption software that is used to play back optical DVD and Blu-ray discs, it may not be able to load or play some or all DVD and Blu-ray movies.

Mozaex does not make, sell, provide or induce the use of any unlicensed decrypting software on Mozaex products. Mozaex deters and does not condone the unlawful use of its products including but not limited to copying media that they do not own.

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