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Welcome to the Mozaex Dealer Locator.

Mozaex is available exclusively through a worldwide network of over 750 Authorized Dealers and 20 Distributors in 25 Countries

With this Locator you can locate either a Dealer or if one is not listed in your country, a Distributor who can help you locate a local Dealer.

If you are still unable to locate a Dealer then click here to contact the Mozaex Project Management Team who can assist you in locating a Dealer near you.

Mozaex Dealers can assist you in selecting, installing and integrating the Mozaex with virtually any remote control system. They can also provide you with professional training, support and in many cases offer additional services such as loading of movies, music and other media onto the Mozaex.

To obtain a list of your local Dealers in the USA or a Distributor in your country please click on the following buttons.

Click here to request a list of local dealers

Click here to request a distributor in your country

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