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    • The World’s Finest Quality Blu-ray HD 3D Entertainment Server

    1. Plays Blu-ray HD 3D, DVDs, CDs, photos plus NetFlix®, VUDU®, iTunes® & more!
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    • Entertainment at its best - Easy, Elegant and Exciting!

      Plays both Blu-ray HD quality and instant online media

    1. You choose… True 1080p 60HZ HD 3D Blu-ray® or instant NetFlix®/VUDU®/iTunes® !
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    • The Ultimate Home Entertainment Solution

      Mozaex makes your home come alive!

    1. Make entertainment fun again! No more lost discs or running to the store.
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    • Take a Vacation Without Leaving Your Home!

      Mozaex brings your whole family together.

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    • Let Us Entertain You - Just Click and Play!

      We organize everything for you.

    1. Mozaex automatically organizes & safely stores your movie & music collection for you
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    • Why Go Out When You Can Stay In and Play?

      It’s like having room service at a 5 star hotel!

    1. We do VUDU® and NetFlix® too! Enjoy playing over 200 online entertainment channels!
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    • You Name It – We Play It!

      The ultimate music jukebox.

    1. Play thousands of CDs, MP3s, iTunes and Pandora® radio.
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    • Want to Watch iTunes Movies on your Big Screen?

      Only Mozaex plays iTunes® movies and music!

    1. Using your iPhone®, iPad® or iTouch®, play downloaded iTunes® movies and music!
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    • Mozaex – The Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience

      Entertainment at its best – easy, elegant and exciting!

    1. Everyone loves Mozaex.  Sit back and enjoy the show!

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The Ultimate Home Entertainment Experience

Sept. 11, 2013 Press Release


IMAX® has chosen a custom Mozaex Server for use in its new $2.5 million in-home IMAX Private Theater.

The IMAX Private Theater is the world’s most immersive and luxurious entertainment experience.

ReadMozaex - IMAX Private Theater Press Release
Learn more about the IMAX Private Theater

Instant Entertainment in Every Room

Entertainment should be a pleasure, not a chore. Now you can instantly enjoy your entire collection of movies, music and more in any room, at any time, without a disc-changer!

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