How to Obtain Support and Service

Mozaex is proud of providing  28 years of world-class support to thousands of clients in over 25 Countries. Mozaex and its network of over 750 Authorized Dealers are well trained to assist you. If necessary we can remotely inspect and update your system software on the phone or over the Internet. We take pride in ensuring that all of our customers are fully satisfied and will enjoy using the Luma for many years to come. We are here to serve you so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for choosing Mozaex!

The Mozaex Customer Support Department

Support Instructions

If you DID purchase on this web site – follow these steps:

Contact the Mozaex Support department directly using the contact information below.

If you DID NOT purchase on this web site – follow these steps:

First try to contact the Dealer or non-Mozaex shopping site that you purchased the Luma from. If you are unable to receive support from your Dealer then refer to following contact information to contact Mozaex directly.

What Information you should collect before contacting support

Be sure to either email support or collect the following information before contacting support:

  • The serial number located on the rear panel of the Luma.
  • Where and when the Luma was purchased.
  • The exact description of the problem.
  • Your contact information including name, phone and email.

Contact Information - Mozaex Luma Support

Mozaex USA Headquarters
3785 South 700 East
Salt Lake City, Utah
84106 USA
Phone: 801.685.9000 Ext. 213
USA Toll Free Phone: 800.866.9797 Ext. 213
Fax: 801.685.9005

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