Return and Warranty Repair Policy

USA/Canada 15 Day Money Back Return Policy

Notice:The 15 Day Money Back Policy is currently only available to customers residing in the USA and Canada.

Contact Mozaex to arrange a trial of a Pro Series product such as a Chroma with a local International Distributor.

You may for any reason within 15 days of purchase arrange with your reseller or Mozaex the return of the Luma for a refund for any reason including if you do not agree with any of the Terms, Conditions, Specifications, functional limitations or Copyright Disclaimers stated in the Guide.

IMPORTANT – Contact Mozaex to return the Luma with 15 days of purchase, If you DO NOT AGREE with any of the following terms and copyright disclaimers.

You may return the Luma within 15 days of purchase if you do not agree to any of the terms stated in this User Guide including but not limited to: You agree to hold Mozaex harmless from any losses, copyright infringements or other illegalities incurred from any use of the Luma including use with a 3rd party decryption software tool.

Click here to read the Mozaex Luma Sales Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers

Movie Disc Loading Playing Limitation Disclaimer

Luma may not be able to load or play some or all movie discs.

While the Luma does include decryption software to play physical movie discs it does not include any movie disc loading decryption software. Thus the Luma may not be able to load or play some or all movie DVDs and Blu-ray discs that you load onto the Luma.

The Luma’s licensed physical disc decryptor will allow you to play most if not all physical movie discs but not necessarily discs that have been loaded on to the Luma’s hard drive.

Most if not all unencrypted movie discs loaded onto the Luma should also play.

Most if not all commercial movie discs are encrypted so without a decryption tool this limitation applies to most if not all commercial movie discs.

Click here to learn more about the legal rights of users to use decryption tools to load movies.

Contact Mozaex for a return if you do not agree to these terms or limitations

If you decide to use 3rd party software to load movies on to the Luma’s hard drive and do not agree to the limitations, terms and disclaimers stated in this Guide including the Hold Harmless Agreement, then you should contact your reseller or Mozaex to request the return of the Luma for a refund within 15 days of receiving the product.

• If you DID buy from this site or an Authorized Mozaex Dealer

If you purchased the Luma directly from this online shopping site or an Mozaex Authorized Dealer then you are entitled to a 15 day money back guarantee based on the terms and conditions defined herein.

• All Other Mozaex Luma Purchases - Money Back Return Policy

If you did not purchase the Luma directly from an Authorized Dealer or from the Mozaex online web shopping site then you must first try to contact the reseller to arrange for a return and refund.

The standard factory warranty and service terms and conditions as detailed below apply to all Mozaex Luma products regardless of where they were purchased. Refer to the Terms and Conditions located at the end of this Guide for information regarding general product returns and warranty repair terms and conditions.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Click here to read the Mozaex Luma Sales Terms and Conditions which includes copyright and other disclaimers.

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