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Current Mozaex Press Releases

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12/16/11 - Mozaex Recieves Control4 Certification

09/01/11 - Mozaex ShowStar Wins CEPro 2011 Award for Best Electronics System Technologies

12/16/11 - Mozaex Mozaex Recieves Control 4 Certification

06/27/11 - Mozaex Releases iPlay 2-Way iTunes Music and Movie Browsing and Playback

06/14/11 - Mozaex Ships ShowStar - World’s Lowest Priced All-In-One Blu-ray Server

02/16/11 - Top 5 Reasons Mozaex is the Best Blu-ray Entertainment Server in the World

01/28/11 - Mozaex™ Ships Solo 2 3D 12TB All In One Blu-ray Server

08/25/10 - Mozaex™ Builds On Success By Expanding Domestic Rep Force And International Distribution.

08/25/10 - Mozaex™ Builds On Success By Expanding Domestic Rep Force And International Distribution.

08/16/10 - Mozaex™ Announces iPhone, Control4, Savant, Nestreams, RTI Modules.

08/05/10 - Mozaex™ Ships World's first 3D BLU-RAY NON-MCE Media Server.

03/22/10 - Mozaex™ Ships Solo 1 - World most affordabe Blu-ray Server.

03/07/10 - Mozaex™ Sign Invision UK as its Exclusive United Kingdom Distributor.

02/01/10 - Mozaex™ Launches; Redifines Blu-ray Server Home Entertainment.

Past Axonix Press Releases

Residential Systems Peer Product Review of MediaMax

08/07/08 - MediaDeck Tera - Breaks Blu-ray Media Server price Barrier.

01/28/08 - Axonix announces the availability of Axonix HD, an award winning server that plays both Blu-ray and HD DVD movies.

08/12/07 - Axonix Announces New Home Theater Sales Representative North of the Border.

08/10/07 - Axonix HD DVD - The World's First HD DVD & BLU-RAY Media Server.

06/20/07 - Axonix introduces Axonix HD DVD - The World's First HD DVD Media Server.

09/14/06 - Axonix Introduces MediaDeck 3 - The Ultimate Entertainment Media Player - Supports Remote Loading and Playback of 1080p DVI Movies, Music and HD Photos with Advanced 3D GUI.

09/14/06 - New Axonix Spectra 2 Media Server Breaks Price Barrier. Expands Media Server Integrator Market Opportunities.

Axonix Axonix Supports Movies, Music, Photos, Web media, Internet Radio and other Multimedia. View video.

03/30/06 - New AudioDeck Multi-Room Music Player Adds Affordable Multi-Room Music to MediaMax.

09/01/05 - Axonix Announces MediaMax 2 Server with V5 software that that supports HD Graphics and Video, Music Cover Art;

Receives Crestron Certification.  Axonix celebrates its 22nd Year and Signs its 150th Dealer.

10/01/04 - MediaMax: Revolutionary Multi-Room Home Media Entertainment System.

09/01/04 - MediaMax: Axonix finds new home Article-- Tweaks Media Server for broader sales

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