Life is Good with Luma!


  Luma turns your HDTV into an the ultimate home entertainment experience!

Introducing Luma - The World’s First $1,495 Blu-ray Entertainment Server!

Starting at $1,495 USD, Luma is the world’s most affordable single room entertainment server.

Load, store, and play your collection of movies, albums, photos, iTunes media and 200 online media channels.

At these ground breaking prices, everyone can now afford luxury on-demand entertainment!

The nearest competition costs thousands of dollars more, requires a mechanical disc-changer, and they don’t even support photos, iTunes or online media.

Entertainment should be a pleasure not a chore

  • No more lost or scratched movie and music discs.
  • Watch a Blu-ray, a downloaded iTunes or streamed VUDU or NetFlix Movie!
  • Listen to music while watching a photo slide show!
  • Instantly enjoy any media at any time!

Complete Satisfaction with 15 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Learn more - The Luma comes with a a USA/Canadian* 15-day money back guarantee.

*This offer is currently only available to customers in the USA and Canada.

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Looking for a Larger Multi-room Solution?

Looking for a multi-room Entertainment Server that includes greater storage and custom options?

Mozaex offers the Chroma 1TB which is multi-room ready Server that can be controlled by a 2 way Touch Panel control system and has greater network storage options and other advanced functionality.

Mozaex offers through their network of 750 Dealers a broad selection of custom multi-room systems that work with 2 way control systems including Control4, Vantage, Elan g!, Crestron and AMX to name a few.

“2 Way” Control means that you can control the Mozaex with Touch Panel cover art and other metadata about the movie and music. 1 Way controls the on TV screen Mozaex library of cover art.

Both the Luma and the Chroma support 2 Way iPhone and iPad 2 Way control of iTunes movies and music.

Click here to learn more about the entire Mozaex multi-room Entertainment Server product line.

Luma Versus Chroma Features

Feature Multiple Room Ready Internal Storage USB or eSATA Add On Storage Network Storage Control Systems Support
Luma 500GB No – Single Room Only 500GB Yes No 1 Way 30 Minutes Free - $30/call
Chroma 1TB Yes – Add up to 4 Players 1TB Yes Yes 1 Way and 2 Way Unlimited Dealer

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