Luma is an all-in-one, complete Multimedia Entertainment Server that loads, stores and plays a wide variety of media including movies, videos, music, photos and online media.

Luma incorporates a broad suite of Features, Utilities and Services that will dramatically enhance your entertainment experience.


  • Loads, Stores and Plays DVD and Blu-ray Movie discs. Refer to note below on included decryptor.
  • Loads, Stores and Plays Home Videos including MPEG4, AVI, H.264 among many others.
  • Loads, Stores and Plays Music including CDs and Loaded CDs and Imported MP3s.
  • Loads, Stores and Plays JPEG Photo Slide Shows along with background music.
  • Plays iTunes Movies and Music from networked PC or Mac
  • Plays over 200 Channels of Online Media including NetFlix, VUDU, Pandora etc.

Utilities & Services

  • NetPlay – An online media service with over 200 channels of online media.
  • iPlay – Allows you to play your iTunes library of music and movies using any iDevice (iPAD/Phone/Touch).
  • SurePlay – An online remote login utility that allows Mozaex and/or a Dealer to perform maintenance.
  • Weather – A selectable weather forecast utility.
  • FlashLoader – An IR remote controllable utility that allows you to load software via a USB FlashDrive.
  • GUISet - An IR remote controllable utility that allows you to customize your System User Interface.
  • EasySet – An IR remote controllable utility that allows you to setup your audio output settings.
  • EasyUp – This utility allows your Dealer or Mozaex to easily update your software over the Internet.
  • GD3® and Amazon® Cover Art and Metadata Services – World’s largest dual sourced cover art service.
  • GD3® Custom Cover Art Submission Service – A utility that allows you to submit custom movie cover art.
  • Media Manager Utility – Allows you to edit your loaded media metadata. Free upgrade 1st quarter 2012.
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